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Preparing To Sell

Preparing To Sell

As an Accredited Home Staging Professional, Jennifer understands the importance of preparing a house for sale. How we live in our homes everyday and how we must prepare them to sell in order to net the most possible money, are very different. From the moment the decision is made to list a property, that house becomes a product and for any product to be sold, it first has to be successfully packaged and marketed.

Help Buyers Visualize their New Home

People don’t buy houses, they buy homes. The number one reason a buyer purchases a particular property is because “it felt like home” yet only 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a house. In addition 9% of buyers buy on emotion so it must be love at first sight. This is the reason seller concessions don’t work, for example 5,000 carpet allowance with acceptable offer”. The buyer with either love the property or they won’t. A financial throw in at closing won’t tug on the heart strings like a brand new carpet, gleaming in the house would. Having the arpet replaced before showing the home will allow potential buyers to visualize their kids rolling around on the floor with their pets, playing board games with their friends or opening Christmas presents. A tired, stained carpet will make the buyers wonder what else hasn’t been taken care of in the home and immediately start a mental list of items to be addressed / repaired. They have probably just done with such a list in the house they have sold! Another factor to consider is that often buyers can qualify for a mortgage to cover a higher purchase priace yet not many people, after buying a new home, have the disposable funds to be able to make such repairs and improvements.

Vacant Homes

The trouble with vacant homes is that they have no furniture to provide a frame of reference. Many times, a buyer can’t distinguish what the purpose of a room is, if there is no furniture to show how the room should or could be used. This particularly true with older homes that may have formal living and dining rooms. When empty, buyers often zoom in and focus on any negative detail. Remember, though, the point of staging is not to cover up or hide any imperfections, but to furnish a home with style and comfort so potential buyers can imagine themselves living in that house and calling it home.

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